Justice does not exist as natural law, nothing that surrounds us obey the laws of  justice, not life or death have nothing to do with it, nor the natural world is governed by its laws, and nothing more.

In the real world we live the law of the strongest, the most powerful, the strongest animal is the one that survives, the one that takes the female, he who sows his seed to perpetuate the species, the most intelligent ,the most beautiful gets more, the highest, the real macho and the real hembra success over the  less  fortunate since the world is world. This was also named evolution.

Justice is a purely a  human act, born of the goodness of heart, which is a human characteristic, the rest of the animals, some species are capable of being honest, being faithful and to feel love, but do not know justice.

Because justice is nothing but an abstraction of the world, not as it is, but as it should be according to the ideals of a few humans who decided to fight the pain of looking at society that was being created, be set adrift, as individual interests prevael.

Justice has written parts,criminal justice, civil, family … that has as many variants as interpreters.

But there is another justice, born of feelings of kindness, of trying to defend the less privileged, born of the love for others according to how each carries it within, sometimes the justice die completely, sometimes it die slowly of too much friction with the world,justice is sometimes born with a brightness that ennobles the individual and life-long wear and wear becomes it a minimal fabric that separates the human from the animal.
There are days when one wants to murder justice, without realizing that never existed.That is just a dream.

That it is the antithesis of the natural laws, is the desire to fight with a broken soul, against everything that should not be, but it is.

That is only in our hearts, like a little treasure to spend life in his honor and allow you, a few nights, close your eyes ..

and sleep.

And all this writing is to reconcile myself with that part of humanity that today, in the form of  two people who are also called human beings, stole the cost of the trip in my taxi and my wallet also.

Just to put my head on the pillow tonight and perhaps mourn for impotence, but not for my lack of humanity.


Author: estodevivir

Escritora de sueños y esperanzas.

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