The Corner of Pigeons.

The corner of Beechnut and Boone in Southwest Houston, Texas, is the corner of the pigeons, which are in clear minority in the rest of the city when compared with the population of crows.  In the first of the electrical cables are posed, one next to another, adult pigeons, nearly all looking in the same direction, posed in the second cable are the youngsters who can not yet compete for the upper cable´s  best aerial view and the third landed a few other birds, a lost crow or some other different species.  Pigeons, like humans, meet with their peers and have claimed it as his corner, the only one in the city where they are  majority, could be said to be the pigeon´s neighborhood.

 In Houston there are apartment complexes where the vast majority are Hispanic or Chinese or Vietnamese or Indian or black.  And when we find ourselves living in a place where the majority belongs to another group, we look with disgust, rejecting each other for nothing more than our race.  And then we found ourselves moving to a  new  place that most seems to us, and that makes the voluntary segregation deeper.

As the pigeons.

But when the wealthy are choosing a place to live no matter the race of their neighbors, only if they are equal in social status.  Wealth makes humans truly equal, and there you see, wonderfully well kept, Arab princes to meet the black´s rapper of the moment  or a famous Hispanic actress  or a Japanese investor, or the blond´s owner of a American bank .

 Are all equal: the rich.  You lose the race, lose color, nationality and  money  makes them all equal.

What a  wonderful community the one of the rich that destroys the barriers of race.  And establish a new barrier,  money. They against the world.

Pigeons against crows.